ScienceNerd: Updates and Maintenance

ScienceNerd – Updates and Maintenance

Updated Website - Version 1.1B

Main news:

Optimization – Finally the ScienceNerd website also supports the English language! (Translations are at a good 70%)

Optimization – Now the user has a side bar on which to visit his profile on the platform



Optimization – Added Navigation menu, Forum and Footer in English

Optimization – The Forum now loads the Topic and Post to be displayed much faster

Correction – Now the chat uses the latest version of JQuery, which is lighter and more stable.

Bugs Discovered – If you go to the news page in English, the articles have no images (I’m working on it to solve!)



Update – Now the European map also includes the Seti.Germany team. Thank you!

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Vincenzo Cefariello

Anni 21, mi piacciono i gatti e preferisco passare il tempo leggendo molti libri che trattano degli argomenti più vari. Sistemista e Programmatore per passione, decido di aiutare la community informatica globale ad avvicinarsi al mondo della ricerca.

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