What is BOINC

BOINC is a “platform” program that exploits the resources made available by voluntary users from all over the world to carry out distributed calculation projects. Many home computers in fact have an extremely high computing power, but never used properly. Think about it, if you do not use graphics programs like Photoshop / Gimp or play very heavy video games, you waste almost 90% of your processor’s power, and with it, even electricity.

The BOINC program was born with the purpose of using all this “unused power” to contribute to scientific research, think about it, while watching a video on Youtube, or using the chat on Facebook, your computer could discover a new habitable planet, or maybe, cure for some illness. We are many volunteers, join you too !.

Vincenzo Cefariello

Anni 21, mi piacciono i gatti e preferisco passare il tempo leggendo molti libri che trattano degli argomenti più vari. Sistemista e Programmatore per passione, decido di aiutare la community informatica globale ad avvicinarsi al mondo della ricerca.

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