Is BOINC safe?

Yes, it is demonstrated by the thousands of volunteers who use it every day to help research. In addition, the BOINC developers have released the source code of the program (you can find it here), just to show that it does not contain any type of virus or spyware.

During the registration to the various projects, BOINC does not require to enter personal data other than an email address (naturally not temporary) and a password to access the various websites of the research projects. The email address used for registration, as well as the characteristics of your computer (Processor, RAM and Operating System), will be hidden from other users.

Vincenzo Cefariello

Anni 21, mi piacciono i gatti e preferisco passare il tempo leggendo molti libri che trattano degli argomenti più vari. Sistemista e Programmatore per passione, decido di aiutare la community informatica globale ad avvicinarsi al mondo della ricerca.

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